Security Guide

FixNix Inc is built with security to protect your data and applications. You can also implement your own security scheme to reflect the structure and needs of your organization. Protecting your data is a joint responsibility between you and FixNix Inc. The FixNix Inc security features enable you to empower your users to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

The FixNix Inc security features help you empower your users to do their jobs safely and efficiently. FixNix Inc limits exposure of data to the users that act on it. Implement security controls that you think are appropriate for the sensitivity of your data. We'll work together to protect your data from unauthorized access from outside your company and from inappropriate usage by your users.

Authentication means preventing unauthorized access to your organization or its data by making sure each logged in user is who they say they are.

Choosing the data set that each user or group of users can see is one of the key decisions that affects data security. You need to find a balance between limiting access to data, thereby limiting risk of stolen or misused data, versus the convenience of data access for your users.

Give specific object or field access to selected groups or profiles.

FreshGRC Platform Encryption gives your data a whole new layer of security while preserving critical platform functionality. It enables you to encrypt sensitive data at rest, and not just when transmitted over a network, so your company can confidently comply with privacy policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations for handling private data.

Track login and field history, monitor setup changes, and take actions based on events.

Real-Time Event Monitoring helps you monitor and detect standard events in FixNix Inc in near real-time. You can store the event data for auditing or reporting purposes.

Understand and guard against vulnerabilities in your code as you develop custom applications on top of FreshGRC