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 Broken workflows
 Complex UX
 High TCO
 Long ROI

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Our Products


FreshGRC compliance Management provides a centralized, access-controlled environment for automating enterprise compliance processes, assessing deficiencies, and managing remediation efforts.

  • Document your control framework, and perform a risk-based scoping process.
  • Manage control testing and track automated technical control assessments.
  • dentify deficiencies, map them to policies, regulations and risks, and prioritize your response
  • Route findings to appropriate personnel who can resolve them through remediation tasks or exception requests


FreshGRC Audit Management provides a range of internal audit activities, data, and processes in an integrated and unified manner. The module provides a streamlined and standardized internal audit lifecycle, minimizing redundancies and inconsistencies.

  • Align audit plans with your organization’s risk profile
  • Manage audit planning, prioritization, staffing, procedures and reporting
  • Link audit results to enterprise risks
  • Track the status of risk mitigation efforts
  • Automatically generate reporting of daily audit activities


FreshGRC Risk Management helps businesses in reducing and managing a predetermined set of risk exposures to identifying core business areas where risks can be retained to grab growth opportunities and generate returns.

  • Process and Risk Repository
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Control Design and Assessments
  • TKey Metrics Monitoring


FreshGRC Policy Management helps organisations in maintaining Policy and procedures life-cycle that can be entirely managed and controlled.

Having a robust policy and procedure management software solution in place helps you manage the whole policy implementation.

  • Manage policy authoring life cycle
  • Map multiple standards, regulations to
  • Communicate policies across your organization, and promote comprehension through targeted training campaigns.
  • Track policy acceptance, identify gaps and monitor exceptions with real-time reports.


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