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Blockchain WhisleBlower

Whistleblower No Retaliation Policy describes our provision towards employees who blow whistle for the harmful, discriminatory or unethical behaviors of other employees in an organisation. Whether accusation are true or false, NixWhistle wants to prevent victimization and other retaliatory behavior towards the employee. The product's feature ensures that employees aren't afraid to speak up about any issues. The rewards section encourages employees to speakup.

Compliance Intelligent Prediction

FixNix compliance Management provides a centralized, access-controlled environment for automating enterprise compliance processes, assessing deficiencies, and managing remediation efforts.
  • Document your control framework, and perform a risk-based scoping process.
  • Manage control testing and track automated technical control assessments.
  • Identify deficiencies, map them to policies, regulations and risks, and prioritize your response.
  • Route findings to appropriate personnel who can resolve them through remediation tasks or exception requests.

Regulatory Risk Data Lake

FixNix Regulatory Risk Data Lake consolidates structured and unstructured violation data to provide robust Regulatory insights as a service using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is a tailor made solution to solve this ever demanding regulatory challenges faced by banks with large-scale operations by providing a centralized repository that can pool large quantities and varieties of data, both structured and unstructured to streamline their compliance management & enhance risk management systems. This platform helps organizations to implement a strong governance framework & risk reporting capabilities