• Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company whose goal is to ensure that no patient shall be denied access to high quality and affordable medicines and support. They produce a turnover of about 2 billion USD. They generate Over 1,000 products across various therapeutic categories, with 50+ dosage forms.


  • It was dificult for their regulatorsand client to have regorous process in place to identify, undestand, control, remidate and monitor their risk and compliance posture.
  • They had an absolutely enormous challange to try to develop a picture of their enterprises risk and enterprises complainces.
  • They were not able to document their risk to the board of directors or regulators, and to look beyond the horizon.
  • Before deploying FixNix’s cloud GRC platform, called FixNix’s risk, ‘’ I would have characterized our environment as diversity on sternoids, ‘’Amit pradhan says. ‘We had divesity of understanding about what risk assessement and monitoring means. We had diversity of understanding about what was required or expected, and diversity of methods and practices. As a result, we had an obsolutly enormous challange to try to develop a picture of our enterprises risk and enterprises complainces’’.


  • Ir has been critical to their regulators and clients that they had rigorous processess in place to identify, understand, control, remediare and monitor our risk and complaince posture.
  • The company realized it had to upgarde its process and tools, and it has to standartize its approaaches to GRC across an enterprises where decentralization formerly ruled.
  • Cippla began its program upgarde knowing that it needed a technology solution to support its initiatives.
  • The company wabnted software that addressed the widest possible range of regulatory and third party standards.
  • First, Cipla carefullu built its GRC program to meet the organization’s needs, and then it selected the technolgy to support that program. Managers opted for FixNix Risk after exploring many alternatives in the market. So far, they have been pleased with the technology, and say it has had a transfomative effect on the risk-management program.
  • The software has enables Cipla to turn their paradigm on its head and ti shift their team of former risk tacticaians and number crunchers into enhanced roles as risk strategists, allowing them to have a much greater effect on the organization.


  • The software automates the tasks were consuming the majority of their team’s time, including data collection , aggregation, workflow and reporting.
  • They are getting organised output which can primarliy focus on deeper analysis and engagement that leads to more efective remediation and control of the risk in their organisation.
  • Cipla is also benefiting from the workflow and configuation management components of the GRC software.
  • FixNix Risk workflow management expedites their processes and eliminates sneaker-net movement of files.
  • Organisation and hierarchy changes that formerly required many hours of manual effort to impleemnt are now a simple matter of system configuration that takes only minutes.
  • FixNix Risk has empowered our riks-management staff to operate on a higher, more strategic plane leaving far too little time for analysis and problem-solving.