Risk Management

Fixnix Risk Management helps businesses in reducing and managing a predetermined set of risk exposures to identifying core business areas where risks can be retained to grab growth opportunities and generate returns.

Process and Risk Repository

Fixnix Risk Management identifies and defines business objectives, processes, products, risks, and controls, and establishes and maintains relationships across these. Document and manage a wide array of enterprise risks and associated details such as risk description, category, and hierarchy.

Risk Assessment and Analysis

It enables planning, scheduling, and performing risk assessments, and once the assessments are performed, route results for review and approval. Manage simple risk assessments by rating a risk, or an advanced assessment using multiple factors and advanced risk scoring to meet variations in the risk assessment methodology across business units, regions, and products, and roll up to an assessed organization, objective, product, or process. Define the logic for computing inherent and residual risk scores.

Control Design and Assessments

Define controls as per industry standard frameworks like ISO and COBIT, design control test plans and assessments, and rate their operational and design effectiveness leveraging questionnaires and surveys as required. 

Key Metrics Monitoring

Measure and track key indicators for risks (KRIs), controls (KCIs), and key performance objectives (KPIs). Set thresholds to identify potential threats, and mitigate them in advance. Send alerts and notifications on any breach to relevant personnel for faster decision making.