FreshGRC - Privacy Management

FreshGRC Nix Privacy solution helps organisations to automate their privacy activities:

  • Self assessment - They are processing the data are internally or outsourced to 3rd party control processor
    How close they are aligned with the GDPR principles It will check how much compliant or non-compliant (Detailed Assessment)
  • Data Mapping - Type of data an organisation contains like Personal data, Financial data (Types of Data)
  • Mapping - Detailed mapping how long we retain the data or where we store the data in a server, what are the purpose of this data , who & all can access this data
  • DPO - Define the purpose or check will whether this data has some purpose (review & change or remove the data which doesn't have any purpose
  • Data Retention - How long the data will be retained by the company, action point will be given like
  • Data Access Control - Who & which roles have the access to data
  • Consent Management - Whether organisation is getting consent from the user for the data he is getting
  • DPIA - Data Protection Impact Assessment - An assessment whether an organistion wants DPIA or not
    If DPIA is required by an organisation

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