Audit Management

Audit Management provides a range of internal audit activities, data, and processes in an integrated and unified manner. The module provides a streamlined and standardized internal audit lifecycle, minimizing redundancies and inconsistencies. It also improves collaboration and information-sharing on audit activities by providing a real time view of the audit process to support intelligent risk-based audits.

There are many facets to the functioning and use of our Internal Audit Management process. Internal Auditing involves a cross examination of progress and constant policing of employees to ensure that the compliances are handled seamlessly. Our Internal Audit Management focuses on automating the entire process to provide a digital outlook to the whole system without having to rely on another person to follow-up. Ambiguity is a problem in the current system because we have no idea if the Internal Audit processes are followed properly in system rather than depending upon multiple sources like excel sheets, notebooks, etc. for handling compliance issues. Human Error is another issue that is prevented by computerizing and automating the entire process. Both these problems are non-existent in our completely automated Internal Management system.


The Operational Audit Management System enables organizations to assess the quality, efficiency of internal systems and processes across operations. The module supports security and multiple other audits. The Operational Audit Management also supports to enhance the productivity.

The Operational Audit Management System assesses the quality and performance of various processes and operations in an organization. The Operational quality of the system is determined by an auditing system. Operational Audit Services include planning audits when performance needs to be tracked and scheduling audits to record the progress in each project. Additionally our Operational Audit Software helps Managing Audits and provides a way to assess Regulatory Risk. Subsequently it also allows organizations to assess audit management.