Asset Management

With FixNix’s Asset Management system, you can manage and control every asset across your organization. Monitor all contracts and software licenses in a single place. Enjoy seamless user experience and leave the traditional ways behind. Our system allows for creation of powerful software inventory reports with a detailed list of applications installed. Our system allows you to use our Import CSV feature for bulk addition of assets. The system also provides help to migrate clients from existing tools to FixNix’s Asset Management Software.

Our Asset Management system focuses primarily on the tracking and monitoring of assets. With our Asset Management Software, you can seamlessly control and manage every asset listed in your business. So, firstly in the Asset Management Services, we dynamically create a list of all assets. Now it becomes easier to track all assets, which we can audit through our Audit Management Suite if required. Each asset has its associated Vendors who need to be highlighted and managed based on the status of the assets. Similarly, the contracts for each asset also are managed under our available Asset Management Solutions.

Our Asset Management System provides a simple and easy way to manage and track all the assets present in your organization. Our Asset Management Suite is quite possibly the best way to monitor the status of each asset in your organization.