About Us- FixNix Inc

World's 1st SaaS GRC Platform

FixNix is the world’s 1st pure play cloud-based SaaS(Software as a Service) Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) Platform.

Started Nov 2012, built over 7 years of research and innovation iterations.

The suite of 8 products help simplify Governance Risk and Compliance (‘GRC’), IT and Cyber Security management processes. 

The 4 solutions on top of the FreshGRC platform helps organizations streamline Privacy, Awareness, ethics and Board governance issues.

FixNix puts audit, security, risk and compliance leaders back in control of their GRC and IT Security obligations.  The platform is available on-premise also.

It's delivered usually in Private cloud model where the clients have possibility to co-manage the instance along with FixNix to ensure the data privacy of their sensitive compliance information.

For small business and startups, it's available in Public Cloud model at further attractive light weight and pricing models.

Our world's Top regTech 21 award-winning Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform helps streamline GRC management processes. 

FixNix Enterprise GRC platform and architecture technologies deliver a range of cross-department functionality across GRC functional areas into an integrated technology ecosystem. 

FixNix provides 8 products across enterprise wide automation of GRC processes through it's award winning FreshGRC platform that provides for multi-department use across the following areas:

Compliance Management,
Audit Management,
Enterprise/Operational Risk Management,
Policy Management,
Asset Management,
Incident Management,
Business Resiliency and
Disaster Recovery Management


The 4 Solutions on top of FreshGRC,

  1. Privacy
  2. Ethics
  3. Awareness
  4. Board Governance

The DeepTech products NixWhistle -Blockchain Whistleblower, NixViolate- Regulatory Risk Data Lake and NixPredict- Predictive Analytics in Audit/Risk are enabling large cap companies who have more than 10,000 employees on the roll.

We supplement all of these with FixNix analytics models to help predict future risks - Predictive Analytics.  Our forensic analysis of your GRC data is provided by a world class team of regulatory analysts, data scientists, risk practitioners and seasoned technologists to meet today’s requirement to track regulatory texts, and tomorrow’s requirement to treat regulation as a risk.

Established  in 2012, the FixNix team has understood from the beginning how to address GRC challenges in a dynamic, disruptive business environment and present findings from diverse functions and complex processes, in a standardised, professional manner to business executives, c-suite and board rooms